LIFEforia™ Professional Group is a group of experts who support the operations, growth and overall profitability of our company. The profitable operations of all LIFEforia™ Club locations is made possible through the methodical deployment of our proprietary LIFEformula™ Success System. Our professional group is responsible for carrying out research and development, business and market development, digital content media, wellness programming, technology innovations, financial accounting and human resource management. Members of the LIFEforia™ Professional Group also work closely with Corporations to ensure optimal wellness programming within their workplace to achieve a fully engaged, personalized and persuasive experience among their employees. The growth of LIFEforia™ is realized through our strategic partnerships with luxury hotels around the globe, that provide the foundation upon which our programs are built.

LIFEforia™ Professional Group is inspired by a simple truth: wellness is love. Everything we do, from the people we hire to the people we serve is shaped by this truth. Our strategy, decisions, tasks and processes are all based on our mission of loving, serving and growing together as one. Our vision is to grow the largest community of wellness in the world. We work diligently every day to carry out our mission, while moving closer to our vision. We believe that through LIFEforia’s™ community of wellness, there will be more compassion, kindness and service to ourselves and others in this world.